The night never ends after a long week. And man how much I love a busy hardworking week. Art, dinner and somewhere to relax and enjoy the ambiance. It better to happen on Thursday and somewhere downtown. Even when the night starts uptown at The Met, it always ends downtown. And when it start downtown under the high line galleries, your art date ends somewhere in the lower east side.

I love the Bowery hotel and Ludlow. I don’t mind Public instgram crowed. I want to eat somewhere in east village. Walking in Greenwich, listen to jazz after a dinner at Carbone. And even Flatiron, who dosn’t like the food there. I could even do oysters at Balthazar when Soho feels real quiet and windy on Browdway.

I just wanna wrap a silk scarf on my head and wear this tight top almost tube like with everything to walk my dog in my husband’s shorts and strappy heels. Too dramatic for my neighborhood maybe, but I am loving this draw of inspiration I get from the women in my family. Cant explain more, but every time I do it. It does feel like Aida or Najat.

Things been happening lately where I found myself asking my husband why the hell do I know this person or go to this place. Leaving time for the loved ones and having my food at places that feels old but comfortable.  

The law of average says we are the sum of the 5 closest people we spend our time with. Stay mindful.

You spend your first year in a city going everywhere must see, must eat and must do. The next year, you keep up with the recently opened. By the third year in a city like New York, it gets old. I find myself I just want the classics and whatever nearby. 

There is always the classics and a beautiful hotel with a lobby to go to after 5. I got tired when every new restaurant decided to be another something pink for instagram. After all, this is us in Paris loving a quiet August at Hotel Costes. 


It took me awhile to accept my situation and understand it was meant to happen this way and I should just enjoy it. My journey has always been smart but slow. For a few short years, I hustled my way for the sake of self acceptance and experience. I am being so polite to myself, i just want to proof my skills to every night time story and a mean businessman for a family.

Now my businesses has the nature of slow scheduling until we have solid ground to move faster. I have no other choice but to accept it. I should be grateful to afford the luxury of time. Actually it is not even luxury if getting myself a bag means using my husband’s credit card. I can’t accept my journey and I can’t be more aggressive. I fear life turning around to leave me dry and hopeless, it’s not like it’s ever been easy, i see things in documentaries. My friend told me once that we are sent what we can tolerate. I still compare my struggle to strangers i have no business with but their motivational quotes.

How much I love the red sea. Every week in NY I find myself recalling the feelings I left there. Uh reminiscing is a bitch. Due to the unplessent logistical placement of each country around my favorte blue surface, the mediterranean feels just right. Laidback cities, full of culture and music I love. You can work hard without waisting time working hard to work hard. A backyard comes with privacy and a lot of help and delicious food. I am lazy and I hate to be judged.

I went Ethiopia thinking every summer I will make a stop at a new african country. Little did I know flying there is not really easy, the only break will most likely be to home on a transit that is when I get my adventure somewhere other than Paris. I love Paris but I just need to stop this love for quiet and crazy. I just want to fullfill this love for handmade textile, yet again my work is so not easy to predict, a lot of hard work and waiting. I need this year to feel easier and all this hard work has to be paid off for everyone. I want to see more of Africa and more textile to research that takes me to great playlist full of music and new dance moves.

Last spring my husband text me to check the news in the link and I was told New York is definitely home from that moment. Their startup got acquired which changed the game of me thinking New York is just a phase to finish school. I thought two years school, two years after and I’m done with this city. I never understood the obsession with New York and here I am living in Brooklyn in a brownstone that does feel like home. I decided to watch Sex and the City, I figured it might help. Oh how much I wish I did 5 years ago. It would have been easier to understand what’s going on around me. Understand the girls I’ve met through out the years and maybe love Manhatten a little more. And yes, I never watched Sex and the City.