Dinner or lunch is not a date unless there are silly random walks involved. Usually if Flatiron I want to go down to Top of the Rock, but we never do that. If West Village, we always walk around Meatpacking. when in SoHo and Lower East Side, we walk around small shops before we eat or hit china town for cheap spongy treats. And in Williamsburg, I am always in heels.

I never want us to grow old and be boring, but we never hit the dance floor after dinner. We changed a lot with all the responsibilities but life still good.


Eat & Hug Favorites 

  • Lower East Side: Los Feliz
  • Soho: Cafe Gitane 
  • Mid-town: Almayaas + Ilili + The Smith 
  • West Village: Rosemary's + Injera
  • Williamsburg: Cafe Mogador + Tabare + Lilia + Emmy Squared 
  • Bushwick: Roberta's 
  • Uptown: Jacob's Pickles
  • Meatpacking: Bodega Negra
  • Greenwich: Bar Pitti