A hint of color, Minimal



Vacation is usually my time for lazier habits and slow adventures. I pack as minimal as I can to not think about what should I wear and focus on lazy things to do. I still managed to bring a pair of heels incase I had the energy to dress up for a dinner date.


Like a true lazy land native, I spent most my times walking the streets of Paris and taking notes of lifestyle differences. Coffee and Mille feuille breaks were included in between. In my head I'm still productive, I felt the need to learn how to find the connection between inspiration and creation. I had Ta Marbota's new travel outwear with me, very arabic, very chic. My goal was to look like myself, again with the arabic thing, however, this time I felt like I still needed that modern aesthetics in how I want to present my mind and my culture through my style. So a colorful slipper was just what I needed.