2015 was a beautiful year. Beyond school, I was mostly calm and appreciative. I decided to go after what I want and I kinda did that. I spend two years trying to understand myself and I wanted 2015 to be the year to be myself. I found a way to use snapchat while wearing hats and share my style while wearing hats again. 


In 2015, I read more about fashion rather than the business side of the industry. I end up going back to old habits with painting and pushed myself to do silly fun projects at home for mind escape. I also made sure to understand my personal aesthetics and link it with everything around me. From photo walks to art walks to coffee walks, I loved every minute of it. In its simplicity I end up finding enrichment. 


This year I want to write, write and write. I want to launch Zaina Silver as a simple wear brand. I want to capitalize on staying simple and staying true to myself and in my communications as well. I finally want to mix minimal with feminine which means add more lace dresses and heels. But nothing would matter without good health and family love. 

Happy 2016!