A hint of color



Either Fur, faux fur or feather, it will always stand out in good and bad way. It all depends to how you see it, but it will sure put you out there. Just like hiding under my hats, I just want to blend in and flow with life like the faux feather that comes out of my Topshop sweater. I know I know, this is life and this is New York. So I will let Life and fashion be all about the things you adore to the point of kissing and hugging your beloved pieces every time you take it out of the closet.


I was afraid the faux fur will look like I just want to follow a trend. I truly dislike the word "trendy" even though trends are fun. So, I try to buy myself one trendy item each season and then mix and match with essentials for the sake of change. Life is just easy with essentials only but also fun is good for your style and your heart.

To dress truly well, without being buffeted by the breeze of passing trends, requires an enormous amount of cleverness.
— The Edit