My winter style lately is all about my last year jacket and collared coats. This year I am trying to keep myself warm in anything but down coats. I've been dying to take pictures for this one for so long, but I only have Fridays to do so. No actually, I did try to take pictures when I was in Bushwick back in December, but I didn't get the chance to stand still and not be distracted by everything to take the damn picture.

Now back to my jacket, I love how I always pair it with my favorite boyfriend jeans and I am good to go. In my head my jacket is my cool factor and only if I paired it with sweatpants and had a Cookie Lyon's faux fur coat, then I will achieve my idea of super cool women with fearless Cookie's attitude. But then, there is Kendrick Lamar and my style of oh quiet sometimes cool and always introverted tailored.