A hint of color, Minimal



I love muted minimal pieces but at the same time I also love colors and quirky prints, but it can take me forever to find a unique print that speaks to my heart. Also, I can be too lazy to look like I tried, so I keep my closet streamlined in a way that allows me to put things together and still manage to look like it can be my everyday style. Here I'm in love with floral mixed with formal. This is defiantly a special look to my heart. 


NoMo SoHo

I love fancy quiet hotels with not really the best food menu but the ambience is always what you need for a relaxed weekend brunch. I just don't want to do cool spots with long lines in weekends anymore. But I still favorite Clinton Street Baking Company brunch in LES.


SoHo has so many cool places to go to. This time we went to Nomo, not really a favorite but definitely worth a visit. As long I get to push Anas for a quick stop at Opening Ceremony to do some shopping for him, I am happy. He hates shopping as much he hates sour candies.