Before we start this winter, I made sure I am completely ready to beat up the weather. Two new snow boots, two new down coats and all the winter accessories needed to look and feel stylish. So winter came but felt more like fall. Now that it's finally snowing and Anas is here in New York with me, I want to take as many pictures as I could before we move back to a warmer city. I wonder if I am going to miss living in New York and actually decide to stay forever. I still feel I need to feed my nomadic self and try more cities before it's time to be mature and have two kids and a dog. 

Here I'm wearing Anas's down jacket as my coat. I love when Anas's clothes fits my style, always men inspired and oversized. And even though I end up looking like a giant pillow, I still care to pair it with my favorite black ankle boot and my old skinny jeans. I just can't seem to understand the fuss over skinny and super tight clothes. I fear skin tight clothes as much as I fear Saudi lizards.