A hint of color



I am mixing here Ta Marbota's travel abaya a.k.a "Kimono" with my coats. Winter is all about mixing different textures, print and layering without looking overdone or try hard. I think the key for me is comfort and I'm good to go.

In winter I tend to repeat my clothes more than I should, I get too comfortable with favorite essentials like my collared coats. So in order to add some sort of style and changes to my daily outfits, I add one more layer or buy a new winter accessory. The truth is that I should invest more on Athleisure. Super trendy topic with hot new brands like Outdoor Voices. But then I am more of a quiet hidden art galleries girl with dresses and skirts rather than juiceries and trendy fitness places. I even go SoHo at 9:55 to make sure I visit my favorite stores in peace and quiet.