A hint of color



I am always in the process of learning how to define my personal style. I am glad I decided to post what I wear publicly to see where I did right and wrong and learn from it. After all, I spent two years at school using the 4D model. Discover, Define, Design and Deliver. And now I use it every time I do something, even my blog posts. I just wouldn't be myself if I didn't pour my heart and mind into it while using such a structured format. 

We always joke about how much I can't function without my calendar, but at least I still need my day off during the week to reflect, learn and restructure. Living with a geek, I find it hard to not have that agile mindset. As a couple, we are not cool, we are AGILE.

But for now we decided to explore the Coca Cola sign in Gantry Plaza Park.


This time we went to Gantry Plaza Park. It took forever to go there but the view is worth it. I love the Pepsi Cola sign at night but my poor lens is not wide enough to capture everything.

I am wearing again Ta Marbota travel abaya, and the same outfit I did when we went to NoMo Kitchen