I am still busy with school. 

I truly believe I am not meant to do formal and traditional education, I am just not designed to follow instructions. Sometimes I also felt too pressured to be categorized into a specific personality at school and that is something I can't do. I have my own style of learning, I choose to look at life in simply a different way. As this is the end of my formal education, I am moving along in life with my brain, heart and curiosity. 

I want to be a free life scholar on cultural aesthetics if that's the terminology. I don't oppose formal education, but this time I want the unconventional way. My journey with finding simplicity was so enriching and educating, I feel I am now ready to explore cultural differences in term of aesthetics on my own way. 

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.
— Albert Einstein

Now I will go back to Brownbook magazine for some middle eastern stories and love.