A hint of color, Minimal




From time to time you will see me in a hotel resturant or a french inspired place looking for my velvets and ruffles. The coffee is always terrible (but at least there is Happy Bones Coffee nearby), food is meh but I still love it. 

As much as I love the blue velvet sofa and the leopard print in this location, I still love an outfit that simply puts a smile on my face. My drive for style is comfort rather than the sofa that wants to stand out, too shy for that. But I guess my obsession with such an ambiance comes from the super girly girl inside me. So between the girly talk and the causal outfit, I walk around SoHo with a happy heart and later a cup of coffee. 

Flowers make me irrationally happy.
— Alexa Von Tobel

Ladurée SoHo

The place wins the best cherry blossom spot in New York. I had to wait and wait and wait for the trees to blossom and then fall all over the backyard so I can go :P. If we ever end up living in NY, then this is probably going to be a tradition.