I have this thing with Anas's clothes. I wear his outfits as if I am his hight except his chinos. Chinos don't go well with my body type even though I have my own. I also have a thing for Kendrick Lamar and yet I still can't sing his lyrics, slow or fast.


I can't help but question my decision to have a blog. I do it for fun and because I love the activity. But then I don't meet their expectation and if I did, I will lose myself. This is not a fashion space, I am not claiming to be anything but a business oriented person in a long long break. So for me I just want to tell stories in my own way. Wether Instagram details and outfits or blog mind escape and life conclusions. I can't master the art of relatability, my life is truly a liberal Saudi living in New York, my friends from everywhere and my outfits are what I need to handle the weather and the long walks.

I remember you was conflicted. Misusing your influence. Sometimes I did the same.
— Kendrick Lamar