I get a burst of excitement every time I see a piece of clothing that triggers a mind escape. It starts with an isolation from reality then I get to truly live that moment of my own world.

This time I had to had it my way, I went for my pink wig and nude lipstick. Then I decided to wear it out and went for minimal greys.


Jacket by Shadeslines

With unlimited possibilities, I prefer to put on my tight and taylor chucks then hit the dance floor for some Sia's cheap thrills. But for now I took it out for a photoshoot in my pink wig and then went dinner in all greys for more of a realistic approach. I know I will wear it over and over again when the weather starts to get cold and definitely find new ways to layer the hell out of it.

In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.
— Albert Camus

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