A hint of color



I don't really understand why we need to look perfect. The perfect outfit, the perfect day and the perfect everything. For all I know, you can wear your hair messy and still rock your favorite bag. You can also wear your best clothes and yet skip makeup and accessories. Life on social media is just too much cupcake perfection.

With all my non perfection nonsense, we had a sort of great weekend.


It was unusually warm enough for a sweater, denim jacket and mini skirt most of the times and when it didn't I add an extra layer of coat. So between long days at school, 9 to 5 weekend classes and Anas's busy schedule, we end up going to dinners more than lunch.

But finally this weekend we spend time in Perry st in West Village to see beautiful white blooms, look at hamilton soda fountain's charming decor, shop at Bleeker st and have lunch for a change at Bar Pitti or stick to our favorite place, Rosemary's. Next time maybe we will try Cafe Clover or try some exotic like Ethiopian food at Injera