طارق علق فانوسك، إمشي


Unlike Jeddah, ramadan in NY is quiet. My style is lazy and easy. Everyday I am in my kaftan dresses, summer layers and my metallic silver mules. 


  • The week starts with a fresh pack of Blue Bottle Coffee. This week we received the #PortOfMokha from Yemen. It tastes as good as it feels. 

  • Friends gatherings over iftar to break the fast.

  • Weekend cooking sessions and Vimeto preparing.

  • Eating out in almost every Middle Eastern / Central Asian / South Asian / NorthEast  African place we could find.

  • Weird craves late nights right before we start the fast.


Everything by high street brands located in Soho. Either old or new.

- Topshop's silver mules are unbelievably comfortable.

- Tunic layered with formal skirts.

- Cap from independent street vendors.

- And collective of accessories