There is something so magical in solitude. Whenever I feel lost or cluttered in order to understand myself and find it, I need to spend it with myself. 


A quiet kind of art is exactly what I need to give myself that ease of attitude to face this damn damn world. 


At the 23rd street, I stop and  visit Mary Boone, 303 Gallery and David Zwirner. Or start from 19st to visit the galleries in each street all the way up to 24th.

Beautiful Details

Old Rail Road Track

Urban Greenery 

High Line at 8am or 9am to pick up a cup of coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee and start walking. The place is beautiful even in summer warmest days.

Sometimes I just want an inspiration and a change of seen and go directly to one of the galleries then spend some time to work at Intelligentsia Coffee in The High Line Hotel.