It took me 4 apartments and a move to Bedstuy with tree lined street infront of beautiful brownstones to feel home. Where life is a mix of everything I enjoy and wanted and things I can’t control where I find myself very accepting toward. It feels very original, nothing hip but a cornor coffee shop.

For 4 years I’ve lived in minimal inspired apartments in warehouse renovated areas. Of course I found myself taking photos there, and of course people loved it. But it took me a lot of energy to make home a mix of everything I grew up with and it just never worked. I moved to my current apartment, and no matter what the object is, it fits perfectly. I’ve got my minimal pieces, middle eastern and african art, books everywhere, mid-centruy pieces and french style molding. It felt so natural and perfect. It reminded me of Jeddah and Cairo. The molding simply brought our favorite quiet escape, Paris to Brooklyn. All the browns around me, made it even easier for me to accept new colors and made me more relaxed not to have to fit to my apartment. Trust me when you take a mirror selfie in a grey and white apartmnet nothing looks good but a palette of black, blue and greys. Maybe yellow sometimes, I still wasn’t sure and would put it immediately back in a banker box.

In cities like SF and NY and am sure a lot more in the US, you trully live by the neighboorhood lifestyle. You do yoga more if it was in every cornor. Unlike everywhere else where culture overcome everything.