When my friend told me this is what makes you authentic. I thought a lot about it and conculded my thoughts with “How boring, this is so boring!” They say this is what makes you instragmable. But I don’t want to be that and I am honestly nothing but coincidence of my surrounding. I will never have one city, one home, one street. I will always adapt to new things and progress.

When yoga in every cornor, you don’t really need the pants. I found myself seeing this more and more. It happens in conversations where you see this is exactly how people validate themselves. It didn’t hit me until summer when I spent a month somewhere else and then I came back here to see it unfolding in front of my eyes like I was never here. So many people there trying so hard to live like someone in Williamsburg with the lack of a good workout plan and a barbar shop. And so many people here thinking they are the shit of all original, putting themselves in a lot of pressure or not even trying because they need the whole package for this to happen.

I just want to keep things happening. Whatever the day brings, I will take it all in and try to find my balance for my own happiness.