The ludlow at day is not a brunch place, not a weekend favorite too. But in the middle of the week, I don’t mind taking my ipad to the Ludlow Hotel to write something. At the Ludlow street, I know for sure my yellow tight with checked burgundy skirt is going to be appreciated. It is cold outside too, I am still not ready to adapt. I just negotiated my alterations cost. He said for this 10 and this 15 even though their both the same dress. I end up paying 15 for both of them. I’m very specific with my favorite spots, I don’t like new places. I am at Frankie next, Extra Butter, then Assembly NY. I’ve got deep love for Assembly NY, their shoe collection is seasonally great. My thoughts are not coming together easily today, maybe I need a muse?

I should head back home and get ready to go to the gym. I am definitely not doing that. Now I see a new store, I got excited until I realized am too old to be Japanese trendy. I think I will eat something thai, mexican or japanese since am here.