From Middle East, based in Brooklyn. Founder of Everyday Silver, an everyday-wear brand with raw texture. 


Interested in the business of fashion industry with passion for cross cultural studies and simplicity. All applied and progressed in a nomadic Hadrami way of life.

In 2018 after we launched Silver, we decided to start Pheel.Life for product research and development. 

In 2019, we launched Zaina Silver, our intimate collection made by handmade fabric in support of the communities and culture we love and appreciate.

Featured at Harpers Bazaar and Vogue Arabia

2013 to 2016

Left Jeddah and moved to San Francisco for one year and then New York to do my masters. Pratt Institute graduate in M.P.S in Design Management with capstone focus on designing strategic solution for small sustainable fashion brands. During this time, I end up with ZAINA SILVER as an experiment with minimalism and kaftan from the middle east and started Callmesemsem to keep an online journal. 

From 2008

I had 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing with local and international fashion brands in Saudi Arabia. From social media marketing to eCommerce.

After I did my first brand collaboration in 2008 with Miss Sixty, I decided to launch Bags & Windows as a network to increase awareness of fashion blogging and the network went from 9 bloggers in 2010 to over 250 in 2013. It was an adventure that ended there but it led to great opportunities. From TEDxDirahWomen talk with King Saud University to local magazines contributions and brands collaborations.